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ZheJiang HanRui Wear Parts

Founded in 2009, located in the Logistics Centre where there is only 180 KM near to the NingBo port, HANRUI concentrated on high strength G.E.T parts and undercarriage parts for earthmoving equipment, crawler-type equipment & Lifting equipment. Both ISO9001 and TS16949 quality management system are certified. HANRUI skillfully apply alloy steel, High manganese steel, cemented carbide and composite material to track chains, cast track pads, shovel buckets, wear protectors, heavy rigging &...


    • PC1250 Sprocket

      PC1250 Sprocket

      Segment group Weight´╝Ü179 Kg Application: PC1250-7 PC1250SP-7 Berco code: KM2420 Original code: 21N-27-31191 When the excavator excavates, is the driving wheel in the excavation surface or the guiding wheel? What is the difference? They said that the driving wheel was stable in front when...

    • Heavy Duty Track Chain

      Heavy Duty Track Chain

      BRIEF: Material: 40MnB forging Size: Same as original and precision matching Heat treatment: Complete heat treatment & surface hardening Other treatment: Lubricated & sealed Other service: Track group assembled forged track plate, the track group is forged by our self Application:...

    • PC1250 Track Link

      PC1250 Track Link

      PC1250 spare parts,PC1250 replacement parts, PC1250 wear parts

    • D375A-3 Track Roller

      D375A-3 Track Roller

      Cross Application: D375A-2, D375A-5 ,D375A-6 MODEL DESCRIPTON NOTICE ONE SET QTY/PCS WEIGHT (KG) D375A-5 track link ass 40 V 2 2056 D375A-5 track roller SF 8 136.9 D375A-5 track roller DF 8 152.2 D375A-5 carrier roller 4 73.4 D375A-5 sprocket segment 10 31 D375A-5 idler 2 514 CROSS Codes...