Road Milling Teeth

Road Milling Teeth

Part Number: 227-7340 Holder matching: low horse power (3/4’’ shank) Application: Caterpillar Road construction machinery: WKTL PC404, PC306B, PC204, SW60, PC205B, SW345B, PC206, PC305B, PC408B, SW460B, PC210, PC412B, PC310B, SW360B, PC205, PC203, SW45, PC104B. Maintenance notice: The most...
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Part Number: 227-7340

Holder matching: low horse power (3/4’’ shank)


Caterpillar Road construction machinery: WKTL PC404, PC306B, PC204, SW60, PC205B, SW345B, PC206,
PC305B, PC408B, SW460B, PC210, PC412B, PC310B, SW360B, PC205, PC203, SW45, PC104B.


Maintenance notice:

The most common causes of exceptionally short service life include the accumulation of cladding and old abrasives, usually from ineffective cleaning. The water supply system has insufficient water supply in the grinding drum housing

How to avoid wear of the milling teeth? Wear is not completely prevented on the raft, but it is best to minimize it. Adequate water supply is an important prerequisite for ensuring the necessary rotation. Choosing the right choice (depending on the substrate to be ground) also optimizes use and reduces wear.

How to increase using period of the milling teeth?

paying attention to thorough cleaning, daily cleaning, regular inspection of materials, in order to deal with the wear or damage of parts in time, and regular maintenance. Check the water spray system and select the tool that is suitable for your application.