CAT Pin And Retainer

CAT Pin And Retainer

High strength pin & retainer for caterpillar earth movers: J200 8E6208-8E6209 J225 6Y3228+8E6259 132-4762+149-5733 J250 8E6258+8E6259 132-4763+133-0669 J300 9J2308/107-3308+8E6259 132-473+149-5733 J350 8E6358+8E6359 114-0358+114-0359 J400 7T3408+8E8409 116-7408+116-7409 J450/J460...

Product Details

High strength pin & retainer for caterpillar earth movers:

J200  8E6208-8E6209

J225  6Y3228+8E6259 132-4762+149-5733

J250  8E6258+8E6259 132-4763+133-0669

J300  9J2308/107-3308+8E6259  132-473+149-5733

J350  8E6358+8E6359  114-0358+114-0359

J400  7T3408+8E8409  116-7408+116-7409

J450/J460  8E8468+8E8469 9W8296 4T1458 6Y2527 1U1458  114-0468+107-3469

J550  6Y8558+8E5559 107-3378+107-8559

J600  6I6608+6I6609 113-9608+113-9609

J700  4T4708+4T4709 113-4708+113-4709

J800  134-1808+134-1809

Pin for  caterpillar dozers, loader & other earth moving equipment.

6Y1204 6Y1202 5K1458 5K1459 6Y3909 4T4707 6Y3394 8E4743 6Y2527 9J2358 1U2405 9J2258 9N4252 6Y1205 201-1238 201-1239 6J8811 20X-70-00100 3G0500 4T2479 4K0043 6Y2553 7J6845 8E0469 8E2229 8E4708 9W8296 9W2668 8J1433 9W2668

Ripper R300  1u2405 4k0043 4k0041 5k1426

Ripper R350 7J9600 9W2678 1U2405 8e6358 4k0032 4k0008 5K1425

4K0033+4K0006 for CAT 966

125-0800/8E3814 for CAT994

Ripper 400 6j8811

Ripper 450 4t2479 6y3394 8E4743

Ripper R500 3G0500+6Y3909 4T4707 6Y1204+6Y1202 138-6508+113-4709 9W18216Y2443

Ripper 9w1821 6Y2443 + 8E2229 8E2230 9N4245 6Y1205

159-0558+134-1809 133-0738 107-8559 9j8442 8e6359+8J6399 135-9350+9j9600

7K9535 for CAT tamping feet


5K1458+5K1459 for CAT motor grader