Excavator drops the chain, the old driver teaches you to get it easily!

- Aug 20, 2018-

Excavators often have chains that fall out of the work, that is, the crawler belts fall off, especially for machines that are older. In this case, the experienced old driver will reinstall in a short time, which will not affect the work efficiency, but for some novices, this can become a big problem.

So what should I do after the excavator has lost the chain? Don't be afraid, as long as you will dig the machine, it will be easy to handle.


Preparation is essential:

1. Try to choose a spacious, flat and hard site to maintain a certain range of rotation and walking.

2. Determine the degree of excavation of the excavator. If it is caused by the breakage of the object or other faults, the repairer should be notified in time for repair.

3. Check if there is any dirt and sand in the excavator's track and clean it in time.

4. Using a wrench or a sleeve, remove the track oil-filled grease nipple, use the excavator bucket to prop up the crawler off the side and turn the track. The butter will follow and the drive wheel will retract.


Butter mouth

Mounting Track Tips 1

When one side of the track is detached, the drive wheels are docked first, the upper track is hoisted by the bucket, and the drive wheels are aligned and enter the inside of the track. The vehicle is adjusted to align the drive teeth with iron bars, etc., and the upper tug is aligned. This step has been completed by a third.


One side of the track is off

Hold up the machine and walk on one side

Hold the machine to walk on one side to make the track straight, once again support the machine and get off the vehicle to adjust the lower track, try to make the track fall after the track is aligned with the track (this is a step that is easy for you to ignore), and this step has been completed three Divided into two. Simply use the bucket to gently lift the excavator and lift the track with the bucket teeth, so that the guide wheel enters the track. Then, adjust the track alignment guide wheel, then turn the track and add the butter. Then the track is assembled.


Use the bucket to gently lift the excavator and lift the track with the bucket teeth.

Mounting Track Tips 2

Turn the chain joint pin to the middle height of both ends and knock it out. At this time, the track plate can be placed flat and in a shape of a line, and the excavator can be unilaterally moved to the top of the track. At this time we need an iron rod to "guide" the track shoes to the "right track." Starting from the driving wheel, placing the iron bar under the track shoe and propping up the machine to rotate the track. At this time, one person needs to walk in the cab, while lifting the track while lifting the track, go through the upper roller and walk to At the position of the guide wheel, an object can be placed at the guide wheel. At this time, the two sides of the track are butted together, and the live pin can be assembled. This method is also suitable for rubber track assembly. Due to the aging of the live pin, the tapping is difficult and even the welding and cutting equipment is required to assemble. Therefore, this method is generally not recommended.