Is the trackpad wide or narrow?

- Jul 02, 2018-

Is the trackpad wide or narrow? Some people say that the wide car does not sink, others say that the narrow fuel economy runs fast. So how do you choose your caterpillar board?

Without trapped car tracks as narrow as possible different crawler threatening the bulldozer production efficiency and the service life of chassis system has a great influence, select segments should be comprehensive considered chassis ground conditions, application condition and wear life and other factors. When the width of crawler board increases, the buoyancy of crawler board increases, which can adapt to more working conditions. But the maneuverability of the puddle decreases, as does the structural life of the caterpillar board and other parts of the floor. Moreover, the wider the caterpillar board, the greater the friction with the ground, the greater the power loss caused by driving, and the higher the fuel consumption of bulldozers.

Therefore, the wider the caterpillar board is, the better. One of the basic principles when selecting the crawler board is that the narrower the caterpillar board is, the better the bulldozer can keep from sinking when it is working.