Maintenance method of caterpillar board

- Jul 02, 2018-

Maintenance method of caterpillar board. Crawler plate manufacturers supply a variety of brands and types of segments, including whole segments and fission track plate, using imported high-quality wear-resistant steel and rubber, we large inventories, self-marketing, is completely different from dealers and agents, able to offer you a * * of the benefits. Polyurethane caterpillar board adopts new and special polyurethane synthetic material, which increases the content of polyurethane by 30%, lengthens the service life and has high tensile strength. Caterpillar board is designed with a small bevel Angle on the edge, which can avoid being broken by the road curb and increase the tensile strength.

The rubber material of crawler board is elastic, which can effectively absorb vibration and protect the chassis parts. At the same time, it can absorb noise without any scratch and no skidding. Caterpillar board adopts separated design, it only needs to change the glue piece to save time, energy and economy. The backlock only needs four screws to be easily locked, which is convenient to replace. The whole car can be replaced in about four hours.

The rubber used on the rubber plate is oil resistant, bitumen resistant, corrosion resistant, diesel oil resistant, wear resistant, no cracks in the rubber plate. Partial shedding. Advanced and convenient separated design has all kinds of Chinese patent certificate. Different rubber formulations are applicable to different construction environments to increase product life.

Segments of the base plate by the high strength steel after quenching and tempering, coated with a layer of special rubber mixing materials, can provide strong traction, the panel made of strong wear resistance of polyurethane hybrid materials, based on the relative hardness of segments, crawler board has the characteristics of smooth, also has a long service life. Single eye caterpillar board: paving machine is a kind of construction equipment which is mainly used for laying various materials on the base and surface of the highway. It is composed of a variety of different systems, including walking system, hydraulic system, feeding and distributing system, etc.