Wear of caterpillar board

- Jul 02, 2018-

In dry tracks (relative to the lubrication type crawler and seal type caterpillar) traveling mechanism, the caterpillar no lubrication, cause in the process of work caused the crawler due to relative motion between pin and pin set of wear and tear. The wear between the pin and the pin sleeve in the crawler is inevitable and normal, but this wear will extend the pitch of the crawler and make the crawler too large. Wear this situation continues, caterpillar will generate lateral movement, leading to guide wheel, roller, sprocket, drive gear and other parts of wear and tear, at the same time has contributed more to the caterpillar pin and set of wear and tear.

Track wear is in contact with the ground for crawler plate and the reduction of track shoe thorn height and section for caterpillar caterpillar raceway surface and guide wheel, chain wheel, roller contact caterpillar caterpillar track section caused by the decrease of the height. Heavy wear of caterpillar board will cause the loss of traction of bulldozer.