Volvo Excavator Bucket

Volvo Excavator Bucket

Buckets for Volvo excavators are in operation: EX240B bucket: 1.3CBM EC290 EX290B Bucket: 1.4CBM bucket teeth: 1171-01910 1171-01910RC V39SYL 40AMRE adator: 1171-01900 side cutter: 1171-01170 1171-01180 EC360LB bucket: 1.7CBM Bucket teeth: 14553243 14537843 V43SYL replace of VTS tooth: 55GPE...
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Buckets for Volvo excavators are in operation:

EX240B bucket: 1.3CBM  

EC290 EX290B Bucket:  1.4CBM 

bucket teeth: 1171-01910 1171-01910RC  V39SYL 40AMRE

adator: 1171-01900   side cutter: 1171-01170 1171-01180 

EC360LB bucket: 1.7CBM     

Bucket teeth: 14553243 14537843  V43SYL  replace of VTS tooth:  55GPE 

EC480DL/EC480 bucket: 2.7CBM  

teeth & adaptor: V480RC V480Z   V51SYL  replace of volvo tooth series 65AMRE

EX380DL shovel dipper: 1.8CBL 

Bucket teeth: 14553243 14537843  T55RC T55RCL  replace of volvo tooth system 55AMR

EX460B dipper: 1.9-2 CBM  

Bucket teeth: 14553243 14537843  T55RC T55RCL  V43SYL V43RC Volvo tooth system: 65GPE 

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Why choose HR excavator bucket?

1, HR The most experienced and skilled welders are employed.

2, Q345B & HARDOX steel plate could apply most kinds of working condtions

3, HR use Independently produced bucket teeth to short production time and continuely supply bucket wear parts for the aftermarket service. more over the G.E.T parts provide wear-resistant abration.

4, the bucket teeths, pins, adaptors, side cutters, shrouds are easily to be found in the aftermarket dealers.

6, Exquisite and practical packaging.

7, Wear resistant engineers with over ten years working experience are professional at G.E.T solutions for complete range of buckets in the world.

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