Knowledge Of Guide Wheel And Drive Wheel

- Jul 02, 2018-

The guide wheel is an important part in the walking system of tracked engineering machinery. It is mounted on the rack to guide the track. Its main function is to guide the correct winding of the crawler, and at the same time use the tightening device to move the guide wheel to adjust the tension of the crawler.

For a long time, the manufacturing process of guide wheel in domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises is mainly forging. The whole process has the disadvantages of large loss of metal processing, low production efficiency and large comprehensive energy consumption.

"Guide wheel profiled bar" belongs to the first domestic product, the product can make the guide wheel production rejected the forging and machining, replaced by bending and welding is given priority to, can make the production process of metal loss reduce 20% - 30%, and can greatly reduce energy consumption, improve the production efficiency, reduce the manufacturing cost, will bring revolutionary change for the guide wheel manufacturing industry.

The correct position of the guide wheel and drive wheel is as follows:

Excavator uphill walk, drive wheel in the back, to increase the track touches the ground of adhesion, lower body centre of gravity is as far as possible, at the end of the forearm stretch, make the bucket tooth is perpendicular to the slope surface, prevent excavator suddenly fall, bucket tooth machine into the ground stability. When walking down a slope, the wheel should be driven in front to tighten the upper track belt so as to prevent the car body from sliding down under the influence of gravity. And reduce the speed, maintain low speed, extend the forearm, the bucket pole and the big arm should maintain 90 degrees of Angle, the back of the digger is within 30 centimeters from the ground, if there is an accident, immediately put down the digger.