Knowledge Of Heavy Wheel Selection

- Jul 02, 2018-

Believe machine friends perennial drivers consumables in the choose and buy, often buy some bad products, for the vast majority of people would do, newly installed roller oil in less than two days, not durable, drivers walk up iron grinding cacophony.

So why are these heavy wheels so durable? Mainly businessmen use inferior steel, in order to seize market, sold at prices below market price a lot, but although the price is low so they can get substantial profits, on the other hand, some owners like to buy cheap products, as the saying goes, cheap goods is not good?

High-quality roller main look at its performance, steel roller wheel material generally 50 MN, 40 mn2 (MN: synonymous with fierce element), manufacturing process is divided into casting or forging, machining, and heat treatment, the wheel surface after quenching hardness of HRC45 ~ 52, in order to increase abrasion resistance on the surface of the wheel. The machining precision of the supporting wheel is quite high, which generally requires the nc machine tool to meet the requirement. The material is more than 40Mn2, and the hardness is about HRC42.

Main component is the structure of roller wheel, supporting wheel shaft and shaft sleeve, sealing ring, the end cover, if you choose, the supporting wheel shaft and shaft sleeve roller hardness is not up to standard products, it will appear the phenomenon of less than a few days after installation on the oil spill, suggest that every time to buy back to the structure of the product to scan it, brand, price, and in which make a record of the choose and buy, if it doesn't work next time don't repeat purchase, purchase can also chat more quality issues with suppliers, tell him your requirements of products, if there is a spill situation should be how to solve it in a few days.