D355A-3 Track Shoe

D355A-3 Track Shoe

Codes: KOMATSU 17M-32-31110 KOMATSU 195-32-11111 KOMATSU 195-32-11112 KOMATSU 195-32-11440 KOMATSU 195-32-11450 KOMATSU 195-32-11451 KOMATSU 195-32-11452 KOMATSU 195-32-11452E KOMATSU 195-32-41111 KOMATSU 195-32-41111E KOMATSU 195-32-41112 Weight: 44KG Application: Komatsu bulldozer D275A-2...
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KOMATSU    17M-32-31110    

KOMATSU    195-32-11111    

KOMATSU    195-32-11112    

KOMATSU    195-32-11440    

KOMATSU    195-32-11450    

KOMATSU    195-32-11451    

KOMATSU    195-32-11452    

KOMATSU    195-32-11452E    

KOMATSU    195-32-41111    

KOMATSU    195-32-41111E    

KOMATSU    195-32-41112   

Weight: 44KG 


Komatsu bulldozer 

D275A-2  D275A-5   D275AX-5   D355A-1  D355A-3  D355A-5   D375A-1

Structure of track plate

Commonly used track pads according to the grounding shape, there are three kinds of single bars,double tooth, three bars/triple tooth, and flat bottom, some of them also use triangular casted track shoes. The single-ribbed track slab is mainly used for bulldozers and tractors because it requires high traction capacity when working. But it is seldom used on excavators, only when the excavator is equipped with a drill frame or requires greater horizontal thrust. Higher traction is required when the child turns, so higher crawler bars (i.e. crawler bars) will squeeze away the soil (or ground) between the crawler bars, thus affecting the mobility of the excavator.

Steel track plate can be divided into: excavator plate, bulldozer plate, these two are the most commonly used, with profiled steel as raw materials. Another is the wet floor used by bulldozers, commonly known as the "triangle plate", which is the casting plate. Another kind of casting board is used on crawler crane, the weight of this board is less than tens of kilograms, more than hundreds of kilograms.

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