6040 Track Shoe

6040 Track Shoe

casting track shoe casted for hydraulic face shovel & hydraulic excavator O&K: RH120E,RH170E,RH200,RH340,RH400,RH6030, RH6040,RH6050,RH6060,RH6090 TEREX:RH120E,RH170E,RH200,RH340,RH400, RH6030,RH6040,RH6050,RH6060,RH6090 94pcs TRACK pads 3674039 for one model RH120E 84pcs...
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Product Details

84 pcs for one model means each side there are 42 track link sections.

Other CATERPILLAR big size track shoes application:

RH120  RH170 RH200 RH340 RH400

CAT 6030 6040 6050 6060

HR have ability to produce above items according the drawings or samples provided from customers.

as HR already have the moulds wk35,2300xpc,2300xpa,2300xp,2100 in operation.


Other related replacement parts available:

Bucket teeth,Bucket wear parts ,Bucket protectors

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