D375A-3 Track Roller

D375A-3 Track Roller

Cross Application: D375A-2, D375A-5 ,D375A-6 MODEL DESCRIPTON NOTICE ONE SET QTY/PCS WEIGHT (KG) D375A-5 track link ass 40 V 2 2056 D375A-5 track roller SF 8 136.9 D375A-5 track roller DF 8 152.2 D375A-5 carrier roller 4 73.4 D375A-5 sprocket segment 10 31 D375A-5 idler 2 514 CROSS Codes...
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Cross Application:

D375A-2, D375A-5 ,D375A-6


D375A-5    track link ass    40 V              2                                          2056    

D375A-5    track roller        SF                 8                                          136.9    

D375A-5    track roller        DF                8                                         152.2    

D375A-5    carrier roller                          4                                           73.4    

D375A-5    sprocket segment                10                                           31    

D375A-5    idler    2                                                                             514    

CROSS Codes Reference:

ITM    A4037000M00    

ITM    A4037000Y00    

KOMATSU    195-30-01010    

KOMATSU    195-30-01011    

KOMATSU    195-30-01051    

KOMATSU    195-30-01310    

BERCO    KM1277    

BERCO    KM2588 

Other D375 Spare Parts in operation:

Ripper Boots/ End Bits/ D375 Ripper Arm/ Ripper Shank/ D355 D355A-3 Shank Guard


Hardfacing Service:

1,Optimize the replacement parts structure and increase more wear-resistant area

2,HANRUI know the areas where have more abrasion demand.

3,HANRUI weld tungsten carbide,High chromium cast iron alloy on to heavy abrasion areas of the buckets

4,HANRUI weld various kinds of protectors on to the shovel buckets such as shrouds,wear plates,wear bars,wear buttons,segments and so on.

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